My wife Mary and I are building our new home in North Andover. We’ll be cataloging progress, successes, and failures here on our home-made blog Building Our Home.

The Engineering Process

Ryan Schruender by Ryan Schruender

This post will solely be dedicated to the engineering and plot plan process.

Because we had such a small lot, Mary and I wanted to know what we could build—what are the dimensions of houses that can fit in this spot?

Building Envelope

We had the engineers go out and do a certified plot plan. This is what they came up with:

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The Building Process So Far

Ryan Schruender by Ryan Schruender

Hey! Here’s the latest update on our Building A Custom Home in North Andover series. This is our first update in a while, so here’s everything we’ve done so far.

The backstory

North Andover Residential Zoning Map.

My wife, Mary, and I started this journey in May 2016 when we first talked about building a house next to our current one.

Our area of North Andover is classified as Residential 4 Zoning, or “R4.”

In order for us to build, the lot had to be 12,500 sq ft. Our lot was a little under: just shy of 10,500 sq ft. So we needed to petition the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance.

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