Paramount Plumbing and Heating

by TJ Kelly

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency, tackling a small repair job or building a new home, we can help you with all your plumbing needs. All our personnel are hand-picked for experience, courtesy and competence to ensure the highest standard of service, and we are dedicated to making sure that every experience you have with us will be a pleasant one.

To that effect, we guarantee your satisfaction on every job, and we promise never to tack on any hidden fees or charges. That means that the initial quote you receive will be the all-inclusive end price.

  • New Hampshire Gas Fitters License #GFE0802596
  • Massachusetts Master Plumbing License # PL-15423-M
  • New Hampshire Master Plumbing License # 4672

Brothers Home Services

by TJ Kelly

Brothers Home Services, Inc., was created by David Quigley in 2006 offering complete residential plumbing services. In 2013 the Melvin brothers took over ownership and continue to maintain the standards of quality service instilled by Mr. Quigley, who still works in the business. Brothers has expanded its services, making our customer’s experiences easier – one company for all your home services needs!

Callahan A/C & Heating Services

by TJ Kelly

Our priority at Callahan A/C & Heating Services is to provide total comfort for you in your home by maintaining your current heating, cooling  and hot water systems and when its time, by helping you choose the best new or replacement system options.  We are an independent dealer and can offer the finest from all the leading manufacturers in high efficiency, hybrid, heat pump and  both traditional and instant hot water systems.  Our team of experts will work with you and recommend the best Total Comfort System for your specific requirements.

Shawn’s Plumbing & Heating

by TJ Kelly

Shawn’s Plumbing & Heating provides complete residential and commercial plumbing, heating and cooling services in the Pioneer Valley, Franklin County, and in Essex County, MA. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of high efficiency water heaters, boilers, furnaces and other heating and cooling systems. We work closely with you to choose and install the system, that is right for you, your home or your business. We also work closely with local lenders to help you obtain financing to update your heating or cooling system.