The Engineering Process

Ryan Schruender by Ryan Schruender

This post will solely be dedicated to the engineering and plot plan process.

Because we had such a small lot, Mary and I wanted to know what we could build—what are the dimensions of houses that can fit in this spot?

Building Envelope

We had the engineers go out and do a certified plot plan. This is what they came up with:

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The Building Process So Far

Ryan Schruender by Ryan Schruender

Hey! Here’s the latest update on our Building A Custom Home in North Andover series. This is our first update in a while, so here’s everything we’ve done so far.

The backstory

North Andover Residential Zoning Map.

My wife, Mary, and I started this journey in May 2016 when we first talked about building a house next to our current one.

Our area of North Andover is classified as Residential 4 Zoning, or “R4.”

In order for us to build, the lot had to be 12,500 sq ft. Our lot was a little under: just shy of 10,500 sq ft. So we needed to petition the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance.

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Houses under 400k in North Andover

Ryan Schruender by Ryan Schruender

Houses Under $400,000 in North Andover.

Looking for houses under 400k in North Andover? You’re not alone. It’s a great starter home price in a great starter home town.

NA is such a strong market, regardless of time of year, that houses under the $400,000 price point don’t come up often. And when they do, they move quickly.

(Do you know how long it takes to sell in North Andover? We do.)

So we’ve decided to keep an updated running list of houses in 01845 that are listed at $400,000 or less.

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North Andover Real Estate Agents

Ryan Schruender by Ryan Schruender

Real Estate Agents in North Andover, MA.Looking for a list of North Andover real estate agents? Look no further.

I’m not the only game in town. I’ve lived and worked in North Andover my whole life, and I’ve become friends with many of my colleague real estate agents in North Andover.

Sure, we’re competing for business, but in a town like ours, there’s more than enough to go around.

So I hope you find this list of real estate agents in North Andover to be helpful.
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Ultimate Guide to North Andover Life

Ryan Schruender by Ryan Schruender

New to North Andover? Or need to find a service local to the NA area? We’ve got you covered.

Ultimate Guide to North Andover Life, by MVRE.

You love North Andover and so do we. This town has it all. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything NA has to offer.

So we’ve compiled a long and growing list of businesses, service providers, and municipalities found here in North Andover.

We hope you find this list useful. And if we forgot anything, please let us know in the comments!

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