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Moving to North Andover, MA? 10 Reasons Why You Should

by Ryan Schruender Last updated Feb 13, 2018

Move to North Andover, MA.So you’re thinking about moving to North Andover, MA, huh? Congratulations! You’re going to love it here.

But you’re probably feeling a little conflicted. Moving from one town to another is hard. So to help, we’ve put together some information for newcomers.

If you or someone you know are considering moving to North Andover, MA anytime soon, make sure you read this article first!

Is moving to North Andover really for you? I’ll do my best to temper my strong bias and just stick to the facts.

This guide will help you plan your move to North Andover, and get to know your new home — welcome!

Table of Contents


Welcome to North Andover Sign.

Moving to North Andover, MA: a Complete Guide to North Andover Life

Before we start, let’s go over some boring facts and figures. This is the kind of stuff you could find on Wikipedia, Zillow, or DOL.gov.

But I took the time to compile it all for you in one place. Below, I’ll break down some of these numbers and expand on what they mean for you.

Entering North Andover Sign.

Boring Facts & Figures

  • Population: 28,352 (2010)
  • Unemployment: 3.3% (Sep 2017)
  • Median Home Price: $486,300 (Q4 2017)
  • Median Household Income: $94,582
  • Average Commute Time: 17-31 minutes

Compare those numbers to other local towns! I think you’ll agree that North Andover looks great on paper.

But beyond just on paper, be sure to check out the affordability of North Andover homes for sale. You’ll see that compared to most other cities & town around this area, buying a home in North Andover is still perfectly affordable.

You’ll love moving to North Andover. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful town, with so much to do and so many great people. If you still need some convincing, you’re in the right place.

I did my best to narrow it down to the top 15 reasons why you’ll love moving to North Andover. I’ve lived in North Andover my entire life, and I’m not going anywhere. Living here just keeps getting better and better.



Move to North Andover, MA for the Scenery.

1. North Andover is beautiful.

Those of us who grew up in North Andover take for granted the beautiful scenery of the Merrimack Valley and our town. I still wake up every morning and smile driving through such a scenic, historic area.

Where else can you have breathtaking, National Geographic-worthy views of sun rising over the Weir Hill and Lake Cochichewick, and then a stunning view of the sun setting over the Merrimack River?

Move to North Andover MA for Stevens Pond Aerial Scenery (Photo by Tim Campbell).Move to North Andover and you can enjoy it too!

You get an awesome view from anywhere in the Merrimack Valley; a view that people travel long distances to see—our hiking trails are prime leaf-peeping territory.

From early morning sunrises so colorful and amazing that you your day begins with joy and gratitude, to the late afternoon sunsets so powerful that people young and old can’t help but post it on their Instagram or Snapchat—North Andover has it all.

I mean it, it’s crazy.

Every time we have one of those extra special sunsets in North Andover, your news feed will be plastered with everyone’s sunrise/sunset pics.

It’s funny, but also it’s a testament to the natural beauty that we take for granted here in NA… and a reason why YOU should consider moving to North Andover.

Yes, I want to move to NA!




Glassdoor Banner.

2. North Andover Jobs Are Easy to Find

According to Glassdoor, there are currently 404 job openings in North Andover, MA. That’s not breaking any records, for sure.


Move to North Andover, MA for Jobs: 15 Mile Radius.Expand the search to just 15 miles around North Andover, and the number of job openings near NA skyrockets to 13,827.

The top Glassdoor companies for the area are:

North Andover is home to Osgood Landing, an office complex that was once home to Lucent Technologies and AT&T—it was the largest AT&T facility in the world at the time. Today, it’s poised to become home to a medical marijuana facility, and has been touted as an “ideal home” for Amazon in its new HQ2 facility search.

North Andover jobs are popping up everywhere.

MA State Economy

It’s hard to believe, but the unemployment rate in North Andover is only 4.1%, according to Google’s July 2017 index of public data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Move to North Andover, MA for the Best Business Environment, according to US News.Massachusetts proudly boasts the 2nd best Business Environment in the United States, according to US News — combining factors like 2nd best in patent creation, 3rd lowest unemployment rate, and 5th best overall state economy.

Many are moving to MA to get in on this great local economy—especially in life sciences and tech.

A solid, healthy job market also is a great thing for home values. If you own a home in North Andover, and we keep growing like we have been, your home’s value will deliver equity in spades.

Yes, I want to move to NA!




Move to North Andover, MA for Hayscales Exchange & Old Center Shops - Photo by Bud Tullis.

3. Thriving, Welcoming Community

Our town has nearly 30,000 people in it, so it’s hard to call it a “small town,” but it definitely feels like one. That’s because the community here is thriving.

There are events, hangouts, meetups, clubs, groups— you name it. The list goes on.

For example, I looked up Facebook groups centered around some part of North Andover life. I stopped counting after 50.

When you search for local community events hosted by the Town of North Andover’s official Festival Committee?

One every 2 weeks for the rest of the year, including a parade, a road race, a tree lighting, and more—and that’s only the official town events.

When you zoom out to see ALL events in North andover the for rest of this year, the total comes in at 91.

Ninety one! In only 57 days remaining this year. That’s basically 2 events per day, every day.

Screenshots from recent events

This is just a tiny sampling of the TONS of community events that happen every week around North Andover.

Music, art, athletics, worship, business, nature, wildlife, social, charity, dining—it’s all here!

Yes, I want to move to NA!




Move to North Andover, MA for the Hiking & Outdoor Activities.

Hiker’s Trail sign on Locust Trail and Scout Trail at Mazurenko Farm Conservation Area. Photo by Friends of North Andover Trails.

4. Hiking, Skiing & Outdoor Activities

Not every suburban paradise offers so much for outdoor activities. And the ones that do are usually cut off from civilization.

Not here.

We’ve got the best of both worlds. Even though we’re so close to Boston, we still get to enjoy some outstanding hiking, walking/jogging, swimming, pickup sports, and youth sports facilities right here in town.


These spots are perfect for hiking and snowshoeing, and they represent only 3 of countless other perfect locations around town. All 3 are meticulously maintained by the Friends of NA Trails, the Trustees, or by the town DPW.

All are gorgeous spots, especially the ones that overlook the Merrimack Valley!


On any given day, especially summer nights and any weekend morning, you’ll find hundreds of NA residents out for a walk or jog.

The popular spots are the Middle School track, High School track, and Town Common—not to mention the countless others on various sidewalks!


Ok, so the YMCA isn’t actually in North Andover. But it’s less than a mile from the town line with Andover, so I think it counts.

Stevens Pond is a very popular location in the summer months, and Delano Pond is about as remote and idyllic as any swimming hole you could find.

Pickup Sports

These 3 spots are just the tip of the iceberg. In researching this article, I discovered 2 new parks I didn’t even know about—and I grew up here!

We have more parks and playgrounds than you could visit in a day. And they’re always buzzing with activity.

Youth Sports

The youth sports programs might be North Andover’s strongest assets. There are dozens of teams and organizations for kids to choose from.

The 3 baseball diamonds pictured above get heavy use, but there are dozens more.

Here’s a list:

Bonus: Skiing Nearby

All of these ski areas are under an hour from North Andover. Bradford especially—that one is right next door in Haverhill.

LOTS of North Andover folks learn to ski or snowboard at Bradford. Nashoba and Wachusett are both close enough to hit the slopes after work or on an impromptu weekend trip.

Access to some picture-perfect outdoor activity spots is just one of many perks of living in North Andover.

The Full List

We took the time to compile an interactive Google Map with every park, field, playground, and open public space in North Andover.

The red pins are parks, fields, and playgrounds. Blue are public schools. And green are open spaces like Weir Hill and the Town Common.

Look at how many that is! There’s always someplace to get outdoors and get moving!

Yes, I want to move to NA!



Move to North Andover, MA for the Boston Commute: MBTA Commuter Rail Map by The Port of Authority.

5. Commuting from North Andover is easy

Move to North Andover, MA for the Boston Commute.I can tell you from personal experience that most folks who commute for typical middle-class or white collar jobs (doctor, lawyer, bio/pharma, high tech, management, etc) are driving into Boston every day.

If not Boston, the nest most likely candidates are Cambridge, Quincy, Newton, Brookline, and Waltham, according to Movoto and NerdWallet.

So let’s take a look at what it’s like to commute to some of these metro areas from North Andover. Quicky! To another custom Google Map!

The map above shows the general area and routes many commuters follow driving to work in and around Boston. Your mileage may vary, of course.

But what if you don’t want to deal with rush hour traffic alone in your car every day?

Here are the other commuting options available for the North Andover-to-Boston-area commute.

Route 93 H.O.V. Lane

Move to North Andover, MA for the Boston Commute: 93 HOV Lane Map.Mass.gov has some basic info on the 93 Carpool Lane on their website. It’s about a mile and a half long. It starts near Mystic Ave. in Medford (exit 30) and ends as you enter the Zakim Bridge.

Like any carpool lane, the I-93 HOV Lane is open to southbound HOV traffic peak traffic hours: Mon–Friday, 6am—10am.

During non-HOV hours, the lane is open to all vehicles, including those with just the driver and no passengers.

MBTA Commuter Rail

Move to North Andover, MA for the Boston Commute: MBTA Commuter Rail Map by The Port of Authority.

Gorgeous stylized map of the Commuter Rail lines, by The Port of Authority.

The Haverhill Line of the MBTA Commuter Rail (inbound) stops at the Andover Station on a typical weekday at:

  • 5:23am
  • 5:58am
  • 6:28am
  • 6:58am
  • 7:53am

Or about every half hour, starting at 5:30 in the morning (except 7:30, for some reason).

The Andover and Lawrence stops are considered Zone 5. A ticket from Zone 5 costs $9.25 per way (so $18.50 round-trip), and a monthly pass costs $291.50.

The monthly pass is good for a month of unlimited travel on Commuter Rail (within Zone 1A up to 5), plus local bus, T/subway, and Charlestown Ferry.

The T

Move to North Andover, MA for the Boston Commute: Orange Line Map.Many north shore folks find the MBTA’s Orange Line most convenient for travel into the city.

The Orange Line overlaps with I-93 around Assembly Square in Somerville and Sullivan Square in Charlestown.

But if that’s too much highway before hitting the T, you can always start at the Oak Grove stop in Malden.

For the morning commute, the Orange Line starts at Oak Grove at 5:16am and visits each stop southbound on its way to North Station every 6-15 minutes during rush hour.

MVRTA Busses

Move to North Andover, MA for the Boston Commute: MVRTA Bus.Since 2015, the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority has offered weekday Boston Commuter bus service from Methuen and North Andover.

Passes can be purchased for one-way travel (either direction) for $5 with a Charlie Card or $6 with cash. 10-ride passes cost $50.

The MVRTA Boston Commuter Bus picks up at 2 spots in North Andover: West Mill on High Street (which also has free parking), and on Mass Ave, at the Waverly Rd intersection.

Check out the MVRTA’s Boston Commuter PDF doc for more details.

It’s easy to see that getting from NA to the Boston area—for work or any other reason—is easy and convenient. Just another reason why you should move here!

Yes, I want to move to NA!



Move to North Andover, MA: it's Affordable - Piggy Bank.

6. Living in North Andover is affordable

Houses Under $400,000 in North Andover.Homes in NA are some of the most affordable in the Greater Boston area. You can find starter homes in North Andover for under $400,000.

Whether you’re trying to stay under $400k or you want a new, custom-construction home in NA… you’ll quickly find that homes are priced very reasonably for the quality of life, low cost of living, and economy.

To put our low cost of living in perspective, the cost of living in North Andover is 36.92% lower than in Boston (these data are actually from next-door Andover).

Expense Boston, MA Andover, MA Difference
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 15.00$ 14.50$ -3.33 %
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 70.00$ 55.00$ -21.43 %
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 8.00$ 7.70$ -3.81 %
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 6.00$ 5.25$ -12.50 %
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 7.00$ 7.00$ 0.00 %
Cappuccino (regular) 3.85$ 4.25$ +10.51 %
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.83$ 1.78$ -2.97 %
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.58$ 1.58$ +0.15 %

A note on relative costs

At this point, it’s worth reminding you that costs are relative. The prices listed in the table above and in Numbeo’s data may seem high to you, especially if you’re not from New England.

But prices are relative. This is what it costs because this is what it costs. Boston and New England are expensive areas to live in, when compared to the rest of the US.

But if you’re already here, and your point of reference is Boston Metrowest (for example), the North Andover prices probably seem pretty reasonable.

Yes, I want to move to NA!



Harrison's Roast Beef North Andover Staff (by Kevin Harkins).

Harrison’s staff. Photo by Kevin Harkins.

7. We have GREAT Restaurants in North Andover

Harrison's Roast Beef North Andover Soda (by Kevin Harkins).

Harrison’s custom Soda labels. Photo by Kevin Harkins.

Living in North Andover, you’d swear it were just a small town. But then we hear a stat like this: there are 58 different restaurants in North Andover.


Before researching this article, I could probably have named 20 off the top of my head.

And for such a small-feeling town, there’s a lot of diversity in the restaurant options, too. Those 58 eateries break down into 15 different categories.

Here’s the list—


99 Restaurants 267 Chickering Road (978) 683-9999
Top of The Scales 4 Johnson St (978) 681-8848
Burtons Grill 145 Turnpike St (978) 688-5600
Shadi’s Restaurant 585 Chickering Rd (978) 683-9559
Nora’s Kitchen 166 Sutton Street (978) 655-8567


Lots of Eats Thai Kitchen 1211 Osgood St (978) 682-8888
Hokkaido Restaurant & Bar 1250 Osgood St (978) 552-3950
China Blossom 946 Osgood St (978) 682-2242
Shun Ju 733 Turnpike St (978) 681-1888
Thyme Japanese Cuisine 97 Turnpike St (978) 686-5888
China Wok 129 Main St (978) 689-4495

Bakery & Desserts

Sweetpea Vegan Eats 46 Ashland St (978) 809-6830
Dottie’s Delights 733 Turnpike St (978) 974-0077

Coffee & Breakfast

Good Day Cafe 19 High St (978) 688-6006
Heav’nly Donuts 50 Main St (978) 688-6890
Perfecto’s Caffe 1115 Osgood St (978) 689-4292
Full Bloom Cafe 1211 Osgood St (603) 320-5387
The Green Apple Cafe 57 Water Street (978) 965-5102


Dominic’s Diner 492 Sutton St (978) 682-8822
Fari’s Diner 350 Winthrop Ave (978) 682-0824

Fast Food & Burgers

Fuddruckers 550 Tpke St (978) 557-1100
Boston Market 435 Waverley Rd (978) 725-8100
McDonald’s 660 Chickering Rd (978) 685-9757
Burger King 188 Turnpike Street (508) 685-4490


Bollywood Grill 350 Winthrop Ave (978) 689-7800


Buono Bistro 220 Sutton St (978) 258-0658
Chama Grill 115 Main St (978) 258-2238
Dicor Italian & Argentinian Restaurant 1060 Osgood St (978) 688-0099
Luigi’s Ristorante 15 1st Street (978) 682-2222
Orzo Trattoria 1085 Osgood St (978) 686-6921
Bertucci’s 435 Andover St (978) 685-4498


Sultan Mediterranean Cafe 166 Sutton St (978) 686-7867


Chipotle 93 Turnpike Rd (978) 688-1883
Bad Boy Burrito Company 815 Turnpike St (978) 853-8922


Amici’s Pizzeria 127 Waverley Rd (978) 725-9339
Captain Pizza 733 Turnpike St (978) 975-1230
North Andover House of Pizza 133 Main St (978) 208-7528
J&M Subs, Seafood & Pizzeria 69 Main St (978) 682-1481
Jimmy’s Famous Pizza 1595 Osgood St (978) 685-7777
Sal’s Pizza North Andover 476 Chickering Rd (978) 689-7374
Stachey’s Olde Time Pizzeria 9 High St (978) 683-1999
Taki’s Pizza 705 Salem St (978) 682-8200
Tripoli Pizza & Bakery 542 Turnpike St (978) 682-0003
Pizza Factory 535 Chickering Rd (978) 682-0088

Pub & Grill

Jimmy’s Culpeppers 815 Turnpike St (978) 794-1100
Jaime’s Restaurant 25 High St (978) 655-4735
The Loft 1140 Osgood St (978) 686-0026
Augie’s Pub 315 Turnpike Street (978) 837-5000
Pete’s Kitchen at Rolf’s 39 Main St (978) 687-9712

Roast Beef

Niki’s Famous Roast Beef 208 Sutton St (978) 258-1355
Harrison’s Roast Beef 80 Chickering Rd (978) 687-9158
Bella’s Roast Beef 1211 Osgood st (978) 258-1123

Sandwich Shop

Subway 137 Turnpike St (978) 258-6730
B.GOOD 99 Turnpike St (978) 681-9125
Panera Bread 58 Peters Street (978) 682-8636


Boston Chowda Co. 109 Main St (978) 685-9610
Joe Fish 1120 Osgood Street (978) 685-3663
Lobster Tail 1081 Osgood St (978) 682-7713

I’ve personally sampled almost all of these establishments and I can earnestly recommend each of them!

Yes, I want to move to NA!



Move North Andover, MA for the Historical Society.

8. North Andover Weather

Move to North Andover, MA for Weather Köppen Climate.

Köppen Climate map for North Andover, MA. Click to expand.

As someone who has been living in North Andover my entire life, I can say that our weather is great, and never gets boring.

We have 4 very distinct seasons. I love each season for what it offers. And when the seasons start to change, it’s exciting.

No other region in the country offers the unique weather patterns that New England has.

Before moving to North Andover, you should know that it can get hot and humid in the summer, and very cold and dry in the winter.

But most of us wouldn’t have it any other way!


Massachusetts ranks in the top 15 rainiest states in the US with yearly precipitation averaging 47.7 inches. Data specific to North Andover aren’t available, but nextdoor Haverhill is rainier still, with an average of 50 inches of precipitation, according to currentresults.com.

Move to North Andover, MA for the Weather Graph.

Weather & climate graph of nextdoor Lawrence, MA. Source: usclimatedata.com


Obviously, the winter months see more snow than rain. And yes, that can be inconvenient for travel. But it also provides a charm to the New England winter.

Move to North Andover, MA for Snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing North Andover Trails.

Plus, it’s fun for the kids to sled and make snowmen, and it’s more opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air—going skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.

Most, if not all, of the hiking trails mentioned above become perfect settings for winter scenery hikes or snowshoeing and cross-country skiing tips once the flurries fly.

We’ll talk more about the schools below, but NA Public Schools see their fair share of school cancellations in a given year due to inclement weather.

And nothing cures the winter blues like a snow day!

Yes, I want to move to NA!



Move to North Andover, MA for Safety: Map.

City-data.com Crime Rate map showing North Andover & surrounding towns.

9. North Andover Crime is almost Zero

Move to North Andover, MA for Safety: City-Data Crime Index.

City-Data.com Crime Index for North Andover.

Lots of buyers and residents are curious about crime rates. Naturally, everyone wants to feel safe in their home.

There are laws about how much Realtors can say regarding crime and safety in towns and neighborhoods, so I won’t make any observations or conclusions. You should draw those conclusions for yourself.

Below is a table taken from the FBI’s annual crime statistics report, from 2016. North Andover’s stats are highlighted in yellow, with several other Merrimack Valley towns provided for comparison.

MA Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by City, 2016

City Population Violent Crime Murder Rape Robbery Agg. Assault Property Burglary Theft Vehicle Theft Total Crimes per Thousand
Boxford 8,271 0 0 0 0 0 15 1 14 0 30 3.63
No. Reading 15,712 20 0 2 0 18 60 3 53 4 160 10.18
Middleton 9,852 8 0 2 0 6 54 3 50 1 124 12.59
No. Andover 29,853 12 0 0 1 11 179 11 161 7 382 12.80
Andover 35,558 23 0 3 2 18 216 28 174 14 478 13.44
Methuen 49,912 79 1 1 24 53 821 126 616 79 1,800 36.06
Haverhill 62,851 373 1 20 37 315 982 247 653 82 2,710 43.12
Lawrence 80,622 597 5 30 202 360 1,509 279 649 581 4,212 52.24

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.

The “Crimes per Thousand” column represents the total number of incidents reported, divided by total population.

The stat didn’t come from the FBI, but it helps provide a generic overview metric to compare frequency of crimes per town.

Move to North Andover, MA for Safety: NAPD Cruiser.

North Andover Law Enforcement

The North Andover Police Department are second to none. Their hard work and tireless dedication to the safety and protection of NA residents is as inspiring as it is reassuring.

I’ve personally known many of North Andover’s Finest for many years and I’m proud to call them my friends and neighbors.

1475 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 683-3168
Facebook · Twitter

SafeWise Safest Cities in Massachusetts 2018.

Bonus: Voted 12th Safest in MA

SafeWise.com ranked North Andover the 12th safest town in the state.

To identify the 20 safest cities in MA, SafeWise reviewed the 2016 FBI crime report statistics and population data.

Cities that fell below identified population thresholds or that failed to submit a complete crime report to the FBI were excluded from the ranking system.

Their evaluation is based on the number of reported violent crimes (aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery) in each city.

Yes, I want to move to NA!



Move to North Andover, MA for North Andover High School.

North Andover High School.

10. North Andover Schools

The public schools in North Andover have won multiple awards throughout the years. Their extracurricular programs have traveled the US competing, performing, and making North Andover proud.

And we have more private schools in town than many people realize. Most of them are early childhood or preschools, but we have at least one private school for every grade level—up through a Masters Degree!

Map of all North Andover Schools

Time for another interactive map. Here’s every school in North Andover, along with related administration and/or municipal buildings.

High Schools

North Andover has two high schools: one public and one private.


NA High School

495 Main Street
Chet Jackson, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Twitter


Brooks School

1160 Great Pond Road
John R. Packard, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook · Twitter · Instagram

Middle Schools

North Andover has two middle schools: one public and one private.


NA Middle School

495 Main Street
Dr. Joan McQuade, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Twitter


St. Michael School

80 Maple Avenue
Susan Gosselin, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook · Twitter · Instagram

Elementary Schools

In North Andover, the Elementary Schools cover Kindergarten through 5th grade. We have 5 public and 1 private elementary schools.


Atkinson Elementary School

111 Phillips Brooks Road
Greg Landry, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Twitter

Franklin Elementary School

2 Cypress Terrace
Joseph Clarke, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook · Twitter

Kittredge Elementary School

601 Main Street
Richard Cushing, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Twitter

Sargent Elementary School

300 Abbott Street
Karen Murdoch-Lahey, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Twitter

Thomson Elementary School

266 Waverly Road
Christopher Raymond, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Twitter



St. Michael School

80 Maple Avenue
Susan Gosselin, Principal
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook · Twitter · Instagram


Preschools & Early Childhood

North Andover has 8 private preschools and/or daycare centers, and one public preschool.


Early Childhood Center

115 Phillips Brooks Road
Marylou Connors, Director



Community Cooperative Pre-School

396 Main Street
Karen Walsh, Director
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook

Family Co-Op Pre-School

48 Caroline Way
Jen Rogers, Director
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook

New England Montessori School

57 Peters Street
Katie Gilman, Owner
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook

North Andover KinderCare #1485

594 Chickering Road
Antonietta Dean, Director
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook

Century Pre-School

72 Elm Street
Pam Rasetta, Director

Little Learners Child Care Center

586 Massachusetts Ave
Lauriann Messina, Director

Little Sprouts – North Andover

2324 Turnpike Street
Website · GreatSchools

Meritor Academy

860 Turnpike Street
Linda Dunn, Director
Website · GreatSchools · Facebook


North Andover is blessed enough to host a thriving college campus. Merrimack College straddles our western border with Andover. For 60+ years, there has been a strong connection between the Merrimack Golden Warriors and the community of North Andover residents.

Merrimack College

315 Turnpike St
Dr. Christopher Hopey Ph.D., President
Website · Wikipedia · Facebook · Twitter · Instagram

Additional Resources

Stevens Memorial Library
345 Main Street
Facebook · Twitter

North Andover Youth Services
Joseph N. Hermann Youth Center
33 Johnson Street
Facebook · Twitter · Instagram ·

Youth education & programs in NA

Not enough is said about the youth programs in North Andover. I said above how our youth sports teams may be our strongest asset. That’s only part of the story.

The programs and facilities available to our kids are beyond excellent. The neighborhood kids of North Andover have access to everything a suburban kid could want: schools, music, art, athletics, community service, you name it.

This is, by far, my favorite feature about our town. And I know many would agree with me when I say that North Andover is the perfect place to grow up.

Yes, I want to move to NA!



Ryan Schruender, North Andover Realtor & Broker/Owner.

That’s me, Ryan Schruender, representing my company at a North Andover fair.

Final Thoughts on Moving to North Andover

If you’re moving to North Andover or are considering it, it’s is truly a fantastic place to live, work, and play. You’ll never run out of things to do and there will always be more friendly people to meet.

If you’re seriously thinking about moving to North Andover, or just have a few more questions before deciding, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about the North Andover area.

Still have questions about a potential move to North Andover? You can get in touch with me HERE. I have lived here for 30+ years —I know the area!

Yes, I want to move to NA!


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